Saturday, 9 January 2010

Leaving Sun, future blog, musing...

In the first posts here, on my new blog, I'll use slightly edited last post from my former Sun blog (might not exist in the time of reading) as a kind of connective between those two. Another reason is historical one to see how much I met my plans. Since the post was rather about future plans I have. So for those who have read the old entry just skip this post. And I just want to try to post something here to see how the engine work :)

So it came. I'm leaving Sun at the end of January 2010 which means that the old blog will be dead even more then it was :). I've just founded this blog,, (a bit shorter then the "real" address where I would like to post now and then about various topics which are interesting for me and hopefully might be interesting and useful for others as well. I'm not sure yet about what exactly but I plan to spend my spare time and thus possibly blog about topics related to:

  • more about Vimming. I'm using the editor for, let's say +10 years and I think (like a lot of others) that I have some nice tweaks that would be worth to share publicly. I want to improve it for some languages I'm using/learning which is these days mainly Haskell. There is already very nice Haskell mode (unfortunately without public repository) and I have another bunch of tweaks like IDE-like "Output Window" with "hyper-linked" compiler errors/warnings, go-to-source for GHC core libs (yup, just tag them actually), etc. There is also emerging Scion project which might learn one a lot from both, Haskell and Vim, point of views, still useful for others which is also plus :). So I want to explore and might be try to contribute to those projects.
    There is lot of language agnostic settings which regards also other languages, so it will not be about Haskell vs. Vim only.

  • starting Haskell project for Design Concepts in Programming Languages (DCPL) textbook (nice Christmas present I got) which would be kind of what tapl-haskell is for Types and Programming Languages book. This is definitely long time project since this tome does not seems to be a piece of cake for me - not only because of its weight :). So far I've just started the reading and implemented first (not so nice) version of PostFix stack language interpreter and then break to skim through the mathematical Metalanguage appendix. So long way...
    Unfortunately there does not seem to be solutions accessible for the DCPL, just a bit of source code (see this LtU thread) which means that some of my solutions to the book's answers will possibly be just wrong. But the best way to check one's answer is to share them with the rest of the world.

  • math - something where my knowledge are just weak (if I say it nicely for myself). Thus I want to finish bunch of books I bought or borrowed from our great library about discrete math and others CS math-related topics and revive my semi-dead calculus knowledge. So I really do not want to advice others wrt. math, but I might share some nice resources which are helpful for the kind of similar mathematical academic disasters like me ;) to better understand this nice art and explore it wrt., or confront it to, the PL topics from the "student" point to view.
    BTW if you do not like math because it seems too hard and strange and/or you do not have "official" university background (like me), try to read The Language of Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible by Keith Devlin. Very inspirational easy-reading starter which was a kick for me two or so years ago. Then imagine where you might be in few years if you get a bit of Math Every Day (inspirational posts by Steve Yegge). That should be enough to make you fall in love with math and to start to bite a bit now and then, juts like a hobby instead of e.g. evening sudoku session :)

    For self-learners who did not hit the site yet, one of the links above is Khan Academy. It is not good just for math, but great resource for other domains as well. E.g. start to watch bunch of chemistry lessons and you will see that you will somehow want to start to learn more about chemistry :). The presentations are really well done. Big kudos to the man behind, Salman Khan. Mostly all (or all?) lessons done by one men.

  • And other random, likely programming languages related topics...

So this is approximately what the new blog might be about in the beginning. It might be affected by whether I really take a longer "vacation" and will be a full-time student (sounds good :) ) which is what I want and plan to realize or whether I will start to work soon which I do not want that much ;). But there might be some great close-future opportunities which will be hard to decline when they are almost hobbies.

Also since I do not like to blog about topics which have been blogged about several time it will be rather occasional blogging, as in the Ruby-time era I think. So just to be clear for the case somebody really wants to follow :)

As usually leaving a job is both, bad and good. Bad side is leaving bunch of most talented people I've ever met, but on the other side I'm looking forward to new interesting opportunities and enjoying the free time by reading all the books mentioned plus other CS bibles I've never finished due to the lack of time. (I know, only those three book might take years). And sure a lot of "normal" free time activities like biking, swimming, skiing, hiking, traveling will take more of their time. So does not sound that bad at all :)

You might reach me through my Gmail martin.krauskopf account or contact me through LinkedIn profile which I've just set up (after having it just empty for some time already).


  1. Hi Martin.

    It's sad to see you're leaving. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors! And thanks for the great work on Netbeans/JRuby, it is much appreciated!

  2. Good luck in your future endeavors, Martin! If I'm ever in Prague again we'll have to grab a pint.

  3. Thanks JRuby guys ;) Was great to work with you on the JRuby debugger and related (J)Ruby related stuffs. I've learnt a lot. And I hope I do more for Ruby in the future. See you some day somewhere, e.g. some nice pub in Prague.