Sunday, 10 January 2010

Looking for debug-commons maintainer and/or developer(s)

For last few months development of JRuby debugger and Ruby debugger backends for Ruby IDEs has not been too active. I've applied bunch of patches from community and fixed some small bugs and Erno did some fixing in the intermediate library. But that's it.

This post is kind of call for participation or better seeking for a new maintainer or at least new active developer(s) of debug-commons. Note that debug-commons projects are not utilized just by NetBeans IDEs. It is fully utilized by Aptana and RubyMine (IntelliJ) as well. And JRuby debugger backend serves for CLI debugging as it does for IDE frontends.

So if you are interested in the development of some of the debug-commons projects:

  • JRuby fast debugger
  • ruby-debug-ide
  • intermediate Java library

let me know. I can provide you with more information about the development, versioning policy, communication protocol, web maintenance, etc. if you need so and give you the role in the project. You might find more details about projects on the debug-commons home page.

I will be still applying patches and releasing minor bug-fix versions if needed, but now I do not plan to do any larger development in the project. One day, who knows, but that's the situation now.


  1. Any .NET project avalaible? ;-)

  2. None at the moment. You might start a .NET GUI client communicating to the backends. ;) But .NET seems to have quite decent debugger (I've never tried it). IIRC it works with CRuby as well as with JRuby. Note that you might also start to work on e.g. debugger for Vim ;)

  3. Sorry, it was nothing but joke. I have no reason to leave Visual Studio, the best IDE :). Vim is the best c..p - suitable for assembler style programming only. Too little to complex programming :). Davyt

  4. Martin,

    The RubyMine team would like to take over the maintenance of debug-commons. We've contacted you a few times already, but haven't got any reply. Could you please get in touch with me ( to arrange this issue?

  5. Hi Yole,

    I've did not receive any emails.... have you used something else then my gmail account? Anyway I've just contacted you so does not matter now.... great to hear good news.